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If your phone begins turning on or off or even starts to install an app all on its own, someone may have hacked it with a spy app and could be attempting to tap your calls. With that in mind, stay alert to any suspicious activity if you think your phone might be tapped.

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When you're using the phone, it's not uncommon to encounter interference around other electronic devices such as your laptop, a conference phone, or your television. This shouldn't happen when you are not on a phone call but the phone is still powered on, however. Take a look at your phone bill. If it shows a spike in text or data usage that is way out of line with what you would normally expect to see, that's another potential sign that someone may have hacked your phone. It can take a little sleuthing to find out if you're really dealing with a phone tap or just random glitches that pop up every now and then during a call.

If you've only noticed one of the signs listed above, then you may not be dealing with a spy app or other tapping device.


But if you are encountering multiple red flags, then you may indeed have someone listening in on your calls. Share Pin Email. Rose de Fremery has been writing about technology since You'll want to check for other signs of unusual activity on your phone as well. Your phone should be quiet when it is not in use. If you hear unusual sounds like beeping, clicking, or static even when you are not in the midst of a phone call, your phone may be tapped.

If it finds sounds several times in one minute, your phone may be tapped. Consider how often you've been using your phone.

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If so, then that may be the reason you need to charge your phone more frequently. There are other apps such as Battery Life and Coconut Battery that can give you detailed information on what's consuming your battery life and how to extend your battery life.

If your phone's battery is over a year old, it may be less capable of holding a charge. In that case, there are steps you can take to improve your cell phone battery life. Your phone's battery warms up when it's being used. If your phone is hotter than usual, particularly if you haven't been using it, that may be a sign that something's amiss.

After you have selected the plan, you can start using the app to tap a cell phone remotely. There are two most used ways through which you can tap a cell phone remotely. The other way is by entering the phone details of the person.

How to run a Spyware on Mobile Phone Remotely

The person will receive a text and you will gain access to their phone once the text has been received by the target person. There are many monitoring features which you can use to perform every monitoring activity on the target cell phone. You also get to see the internet browsing history and the activity on other apps like Tinder, Grindr, Whatsapp and any other app on their phone.

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You can even use the app to find a lost phone. The app has been created to serve you and allow you to tap a cell phone remotely with ease. You can even check out the website of the company to find out for yourself why the app is the best out there.

You are probably thinking to yourself if there are any other options which are available. There are certainly many spy apps that are available and each of these apps offers you with certain features but they do not provide you with the features which TTSPY does. Try the app on your phone to see why it is better than other spy apps.

How to Stop Someone from Spying on My Cell Phone

The app provides you with many features such as the ability to view the person through their cell phone camera and listen to the person through their microphone or access the apps downloaded on their phone to get an idea about their phone activities. Skip to content Tapping a cell phone remotely has become one of the most important things these days, and one needs to use the best surveillance technology to monitor anyone they want as it allows one to remotely tap a cell phone from anywhere.

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