What Is Call Tracking Software?

Let us know by commenting below! Every local business needs call tracking now days as it helps business owners to track the call volume, call duration, and caller details etc. After going through it seems that every business owner must follow these simple tips to take their business to growth level.

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Record Other People Phone Calls Recording And Track Live Location - Free SPY Apps For Android

The number of calls you receive over a given duration can help you identify patterns that will allow you to optimize your marketing strategies. Call duration. Measuring call durations allows you to evaluate which marketing campaigns were more effective and led to prolonged phone calls. First-time callers.

This tells you which marketing campaigns were most effective at bringing in new phone leads. CallRail CallRail is one of the most popular call tracking service providers out there that, as of this writing, caters to over 50, businesses globally. Key Features: Record calls for lead qualification. Visual call transcriptions to analyze call content instantly.

Call Attribution and Analytics

Real-time reporting and instant notifications. Key Features: Send and receive text messages via tracking phone numbers. Different report types including call reports, live agent reports, and ROI reports. Tracking numbers are specific phone numbers that are used to track marketing channels, sales, and campaigns. As a matter of fact, some help desk call tracking software comes built into more general help desk software or can easily be used alongside it. A great example is Zendesk Talk, the call tracking software that is embedded into Zendesk support.

A number tracker can be useful to gather more information regarding incoming calls that could translate into sales. Tracking the number with a call tracking service could yield important data like who the caller was and where they were calling from.

Best Call Tracking Software:

See our full list of call tracking software with pricing. That really depends on what kind of system you purchase for your business. A cloud-based system can be installed simply by downloading the software on your own, but on-premise sales call tracker software that operates on your own server may need to be installed by a specialist.

Cold call tracking software is used by sales teams to track incoming and outgoing cold calls. Cold calls can eventually lead to sales, but the chances of that are much higher if your salespeople have the right information along the way.

This will allow the managers on your team to review past conversations periodically in order to identify opportunities for improvement. Many call tracking software programs either offer their own IVR systems or integrate with others you may already be using.


Website: hubspot. Not only does it given you call tracking and analytics, but you can place calls from your browser without even picking up a phone. One click connects you to a prospect through Voice Over IP or your desk phone. Your calls will always come from your number, and an option to record each call gives you reliable records of your conversations. Website: response. Website: activedemand.

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Website: callaction. Like many other platforms featured here, CallAction supports users with inbound call tracking, caller enrichment based on consumer databases, and CRM integration for exporting call data to records. One noteworthy feature, however, is its intelligent SMS automation for responding to missed calls, which makes CallAction a great option for companies with mobile-heavy customer bases or for those that invest in SMS marketing.

Use Call Sumo To Track All of Your Marketing

Website: callfire. Website: callrail. CallRail provides call attribution software to more than , businesses and marketing agencies. The platform includes robust functionality to easily route and track calls and forms, and integrates with several major marketing and sales platforms. With CallScribe activated, users can quickly review call transcriptions and set specific rules to score or tag a call if certain words were spoken by the agent or customer. Users can also create custom reports to view calls or forms, and to apply filters such as tags, lead score, campaign, source, keywords, etc.

Users who advertise online can use the Multi-Touch Cost per Lead report to see exactly what their leads cost in relation to ad spend, unlocking the data needed to optimize accordingly. Website: callsource.

Website: convirza. Website: crazycall. CrazyCall is a cloud-based calling software that allows businesses and sales team to reach their customers and leads with minimum-to-no effort. Users can track their calls per particular numbers, make use of auto dialer, call recordings, call transfers, live-listening, and more. They can also make single calls, no matter what webpage they are on with Click To Call widget. Website: dialogtech. Another program that takes advantage of AI to measure caller intent, lead quality, and conversions, DialogTech boasts proprietary SourceIQ call attribution technology, which makes it easy for companies to personalize call experiences for their users.

Website: fluentstream. Heads up, non-profits! Website: infinity. Infinity is the call tracking platform platform of choice for ambitious businesses that need an advanced partner that also has best-in-class reliability. Infinity also offers fully encrypted SIP calls, allowing companies to enjoy the full benefits of working with a cloud-based partner while simultaneously guaranteeing an unparalleled level of security.

Infinity is available in over 75 countries, and is trusted by brands and agencies of all sizes across the world, including Mazda, TripAdvisor, Rackspace, and Promises Treatment Centers.